Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Owl and The Butterfly...

..didn't go to see in a beautiful pea green boat! (well, that's what's going through my head anyway). No, this is actually the name of our lovely little stall in Greenwich Market, created by me and my bestest friend and partner in crime and crafts, Pip, aka. The Owl & The Party Hat. Yup, she's the Owl and I'm the Butterfly- genius or what! We were meant to be selling our wares at Greenwich today, but unfortunately didn't get a stall this time; seems the rare lovely weather brought all stall holders from afar! So I thought I'd tell you a bit about us in my unexpected free it meant we got to sit in Pip's garden in the sun eating baguette bacon butties - every cloud has a silver lining!

Greenwich, if you haven't been, is a stunning place and very 'calm' too after the madness of central London! Well worth a trip - especially if you go on the weekend when the Craft Market's on!

We've been running our little stall for about 3 months now, and here's a few piccies of our wares to tickle your fancy. I hope you'll agree that we've 'improved with age'...our first few stalls were a bit product-happy!

Our first ever weekend Stall - December and we could sunbathe! (well, Winter styley...)

Then we discovered how to build layers into our stall, and I discovered a hidden use for toast racks!

Spot Folksy ;0)

Pip's handmade brooch goodies

And our most recent stall for Mother's Day - we've now started to use the sides of the stall too, what do you think?

So there you go, that's where you're most likely to find us at the weekend!

Other news this week - eventually, aged 26, I finally went to my first proper UK football match! I know, not quite sure how I managed not to go until now either! It was great fun, though there wasn't as big an appearance of pie, chips and gravy as I'd expected, boo. Bournemouth won though!
Right, time to go soak myself in a bit of sun I think - you never know when it's going to vanish, this could be our bit of 'Summer' for all you know! (though I seriously hope not...)
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Your stalls look great :) and it looks like you have lots of fun!

  2. It looks great, well done.

  3. Your stall looks so inviting!

  4. Lovely stall and beautiful cards! Great blog, too - I'm now following you :)

    Thanks so much for getting involved with the Big Blog Card Swap!

    Sarah x

  5. What great stuff you've made. I wish you well. Just found your blog via the etsy forum :)


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