Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween


Hehe, sorry - this was us all dressed up as Zombies last night. Which included driving home via a petrol station to top-up, still in our dead faces which evoked quite a lot of funny stares! I hope everyone's been busily creating Pumpkin carvings and getting dressed up in the most absurd costumes!

We've carved the pumpkin and I'm using half of it as a very *experimental* (ie. never before done and no idea what on earth it's going to taste like) creating of Pumpkin soup. I'll let you know how it turns out - all I did was route around on the t'internet for a simple recipe. Here's the one I'm using if you're looking for one - BBC Good Food.

In true halloween fashion (and yes, we're well over 12 but who cares!) we've made our own Spiders for pud later, yum yum! Concocted from a mini roll, chocolate teacake, butter icing and Matchsticks, I'm quite proud of our freakish creations!

Enjoy your spooky evening everyone!

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