Thursday 28 July 2011

New Cards!

Crikey it's been a while since I said hello! We've had a very busy few months with lots of orders and some new adventures to be had. More coming soon about those - first though, some new card designs (hurrah!).

In spirit of Weddings and all things romantic, there's a new Wedding/Anniversary card about town. It's shown in a lovely sea blue but is, as always, available in whichever colour you fancy :)

And now for a spot of cake - Birthday cake! This cheery little card is quite loud and proud, so if there's any Birthdays you want to shout about...

Right, back to the cutting board for now; hope everyone's well and enjoying the spots of summer sun that we keep getting!


  1. I love that birthday card! I think I'll keep in mind for the nieces b-days!

  2. fab, another cake fan (like me!) Thanks Pili! :)


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