Friday 26 March 2010

Swap Treats!

I took part in my first ever Swap recently, organised by the lovely Zoe of Jewelbox The only rules were keep it under a Fiver, so for my chosen Folksier, PopUpZoo, I made a new version of my 'I ♥ cake!' with a cherry instead of a candle, in lovely purple tones which I thought would suit Carol's colour-scheme.

And, after waiting excitedly for Mr Postie to arrive each day, my little pressie finally arrived, yey! Wapped up in tissue paper and tied with a lovely thin pink felt ribbon, I am now a proud owner of a delicate hand felted brooch, made of the finest Marino Wool and silk (I wonder if that's the Marino wool we kept hearing about whilst travelling Australia!)

So thank you Fiona @ Fizzy Popov, it's gorgeous! Was going to give it to my Mum for Mother's Day but then decided to keep it to myself...or may give it to her as a Birthday pressie!

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