Monday 14 June 2010

Relocation back 'oop North!

Hello from lovely Lancashire! After a mad week of becoming 24/7 unpacking/cleaning/ sorting/tidying machines, it's finally all sorted and I can settle into the new Quite Contrary HQ in the country. Yey! I will be coming back down to the big city quite often though, for both friends and Fairs - I've already got 3 dates for this month and next :)

So, to give you a peek of why I came back here from the crazy fun of Londontown (other than for my man, awww...), here's a picture of the view around the corner of the cottage, overlooking the River Ribble. Pretty scenic!

I also got very excited on our recent Ikea trip for my brand spanking new desk - meaning for the first time, Quite Contrary actually has a permanent HQ and I no longer need to tidy things away each night (and my very patient London friends now have their dining table back!)

In theme with this week's activities, I've also managed to fit in a few first hours at the new beloved Craft Corner (TM) and created a new design for a 'New Home' card, now available on both my Folksy and Etsy stores.

And, finally, we were lucky enough to have a family of Blue Tits choose the ivy-covered garden wall to nest in this year. We managed to see the little babies on their first day out of the nest attempting to fly. So cute!

Right, so back to the cutting board for me now - got some new ideas to get out, along with finding some sort of money fund and throwing myself into my Exhibition piece for an exciting event in July!


  1. Lovely view and cute ickle birds. We had blue tits nesting in our box last year but I missed them fledging.

    Love your Craft Corner (TM). Our dining table has been unusable for a while now!

    I've admired your cards on folksy for a while now but only became a follower today. You hand cut all your cards?!?!?! I'm even more amazed.


  2. Welcome back to the North!!

  3. thanks everyone! and thanks Gemma for your lovely comments - yup, they take me a while but it's very rewarding :)

    last year we came home to find that next door's cat had got the poor little birdies, so were very happy this year that it had somehow not noticed!

  4. Love the view - and the desk! I feel a trip to Ikea online coming on...


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