Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fun in a Field!

Quite Contrary HQ was put on holiday mode last week whilst I tootled off to revel in the delight that is Glastonbury! Our fellow Festival Revellers and partners in crime were my best bud Pippa, of The Owl & The Party Hat fame, and her fella. And what an awesome weekend it was - so so hot, so unlike Glasto!

So, amid the constant liberal lashings of Factor 50 Sunblock, manic hunts for anything like cool water, and trying to keep a check on my ever reddening poor little self, here are some of our favourite moments...

On Thursday, our first day at the festival, we came across the brilliant idea of a Piano-free for all, and this chap created a very rousing singalong of All The Saints v. Rule Britannia!

Opening the festival on the Pyramid stage was the legend that is Rolf Harris, complete with accordian and wibbly board!

This made me chuckle - all the way from London, we found a special Glasto Welliephant!

They had a huge Arts & Craft field, mainly with wood turners and jewellers where you can try and make your own bracelet, wooden stool or pot (I stayed away for fear of creating a clay lump!), and there was also this campsite with a difference. It reminded me of Mr Ben's world...

Now for the funniest picture of the weekend. We found a Village Fete (that may have been for kids but we wanted fun too!) - and Pip & Jonny went carrot bobbing. Hilarious!

There was one victim of the weekend though. We brought along sweetie supplies to keeps us going, but we forgot about a bag of Haribo, left unloved in the bottom of Dan's rucksack inside the very very hot tent...oops!

Not to be put off by my sugar supply melting into a set gooey mess, I did attempt to find some sort of 'cola bottle' or 'egg' amongst the mush - turns out this is what you should do if you fancy getting a Cubist take on the regular Haribo sweet!

All in all it was a fab weekend, Stevie Wonder rocked, Muse featuring The Edge was amazing, and the weather was just unbelievable! I'd definitely recommend it next year to anyone (especially if U2 end up doing next year instead of this one!)

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