Thursday, 7 October 2010

Some Folksy Folk Revealed!

Admittedly a tinsy bit late, when I was at Ilkley Arts Market the other weekend, I met some lovely other Folksiers who were there too. It was a lovely Market, and very good considering it's the odd September in-between time of people saving their pennies for Christmas and the mad Christmas present buy!

So, have a peek below to put some faces to some Folksy names you may recognise!

First up is the lovely Lynsey from Swirly Arts. You may also know her as the amazing lady behind Cuteable, a great website throwing the spotlight on handmade and the talent to be found!

We were both doing our very best to spread the word about Folksy and Cuteable to anyone and everyone who was interested, so hopefully sent some newbies over to both of them!

Dig The Earth aka. Kev is also one of the regulars at Ilkley Arts - I love his prints SO much! (I'm secretly hoping Dan might buy me one of the gorgeous button heart prints one day...I'll have to try and hint a bit harder! ;0) )

I also met a new seller on Folksy whose creations I love - meet Kate Bowles who makes the most intricate little books, they're so cute! She recycles unloved paper and materials into something to be cherished - gorgeous.

And, of course, here's a peek at Quite Contrary's little table for the day - featuring my new Cake and Tea Papercuts! :) They'll be listed on-line in the next few days. I'm so glad I've finally managed to find frames to suit them!


  1. So many talented artists! Hope you had some great sales! I can't wait to see the new prints!

  2. Yeah - glad I'm not the only one who had a manic grin (she says, nudging Kev!) It was a great day and yes it was nice to put names to faces!

  3. yes, it was a lovely day all round. I'm there again at the end of this month so fingers crossed :)
    Glad you like the prints. Oh, and you should definitely become a proud owner of the Tea mugs too, hehe ;0)

  4. LOL tired and emotional…again! Thank you Mary, it was lovely to meet you!


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