Sunday, 28 March 2010

One day, maybe this will pay the wages...

Sitting at my computer one night having a bit of a browse, I stumbled upon someone asking for crafters willing to answer a few questions about how they earn a living. So, with nothing else to do I of course added a few of my thoughts to the mix :) And here's the results - a really informative article on the struggles of trying to forge your creative career whilst being ever aware that money makes everything tick; something that we are all unfortunately aware of, and the sacrifices that have to be made sometimes.

And talking of spending hours crafting - now I've finally stepped into the blogging world, I've got some lovely pics of some of the custom orders created at my little Craft Corner (TM) - Valentine's was the maddest I've ever known, brilliant! I'm saving the 'best' 'til last though - next week I'll be revealing my most 'obscure' custom creations...including the use of pineapples!

Well I guess it's time to tootle back to Craft Corner for a bit then - for once I have a very quiet Sunday to be finished off by a tootle over to my Best Friends', who's just come back from holidaying in Australia complete with Tim Tams - YUM! Have a lovely rest of Sunday everyone!


  1. Tim tams and tea - can't beat it! nikki X

  2. Just came across your blog and saw your shop. I have seen it around. i admire your work.


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