Wednesday 26 May 2010

Wedding Invitations!

Yes - I proudly bring you my newest little project which took a good many hours at 'Craft Corner' last month. I had a lovely custom order enquiry for some Invitations with a summery pink theme, and after a nice bit of brainstorming, here's my stages for the final product!

Caroline, the lovely Bride to be, chose an Ivory and Pink wedding theme with sparkles and butterflies as the signature (quite handy as you know me and my Butterflies!). We explored the new Chequebook style Invitation which I'd never seen before - it's a brilliant idea, neatly fitting all the information that's normally in a separate bundle into the one special little keepsake.

So, first of all after plenty of scouring the lovely Paper shelves in various shops, I found some lovely thick hammer textured cardstock in an Ivory shade to create the covers. To add a touch of colour to the back, I layered it with an inner lining of 'Raspberry' paper and used my signature Butterfly cut to show the little hint of pink amongst the Ivory.

Next (and most importantly!) - the front cover. After experimenting with my little knife, hearts and ribbons, we settled on a sparkly little design using sequins and a lovely pink 'raspberry' trim featuring the Butterfly cut again. All tied together with a matching pink ribbon, and an elegant font for the all important 'Wedding Invitation'. Printing off 70 of these was a bit nerve-wracking (mainly my disbelief in the new Printer's ability to print straight on such custom pieces of card!) but there was no need - it came out perfectly, and a lot more professional that handwriting them would have been.

For the inside of the invitation, we chose an Ivory parchment paper with a dark grey font and the header of each page in pink. The cheque-book style of the invitation allows for an easy to read Invitation, clearly laid out and organised. The sections in this were the main Invitation, R.S.V.P slip (for the guests to cut out and send back - cutting lines included!), Order of the Day, Accommodation, Guest Information, and finally a special custom map showing the Church and Reception locations. Thankfully (with bribery of biscuits and copious cups of tea) I got Dan to help me on the final production lines - and it was his Designer talents and Computer God status that created the brilliant map :)

So, what do you think? Hope you like it! I'm quite proud of the final result (as I hope the Bride and Groom are!). I'm thinking of offering a sample of this in my shops for interested Brides to be, what do you reckon?


  1. They are fantastic! You must offer these in your shop - I have a feeling they will be popular!

  2. Congrats! They look great, I'm sure the bride & groom will agree.

  3. Wow they are sooo fantastic, what a great idea and really pretty too. x

  4. lovely invitations, never seen that style before either

  5. thanks guys for your kind comments! :)

  6. Those are gorgeous and so unique. Fantastic job!

  7. What a great design!


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