Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Super Duper Fair

Wow, what an event! So, on Sunday I packed up and took the Quite Contrary goodies for a day out in Blackpool, for my first ever Quite Contrary stall. And it was fab!

The Super Duper Itsy Bitsy Handmade Fair was organised by the Grundy Art Gallery, and despite the horrible wet weather, the marquee was packed; seems not even rain can deter handmade buyers, yey! It was my most successful stall yet, beating any of the shared ones I did at Greenwich, and I was over the moon when one lady bought my large pink rose papercut, one of my smaller papercuts, and 3 cards - what an amazing purchase!! Here's my stall for the day, with my brand new sign I made the day before.

I also decided to go all out and print little price labels this time, instead of using my handwritten ones. I think it gave it a more finished look - and each had a little butterfly in the corner :)

We were all in a very cute marquee, which created a lovely friendly atmosphere. It also had windows and a mat floor - I've never been in such a posh one before!

There were 35 stalls all together, each looking very lovely, and amongst that were 4 of us Folksy Folk that I could find, which was great! Was lovely to put some faces to names. I met Lynsey from Purple Schmurple, and Rachel from Element Images - who both also had fantastic sales on the day!

Jacqui from Print for Love of Wood had brought along a Letterpress for the day that the kids could use - it weighed an impressive 4 stone, phew!

So there you have it - a fantastic day for everyone, buyers and sellers alike; Blackpool Handmade won't be defeated, even in the rain that caused the band to cancel (not sure the electrified look is too hot at the min...). Thanks Kerry and everyone at the Grundy Gallery for such a fab organised event - here's to the next!


  1. Yay! It was indeed a great day. Not sure what i'm doing in my picture though haha :)
    Lynsey x

  2. I never even noticed the bunting in the tent! Great to meet you and the stalls all look fab :D

  3. hello! i was there but i never got a chance to get away from my stall. your stall looked fab! dx.


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