Friday 6 August 2010

Folksy Friday - a hint of Pink

Last weekend I was a Bridesmaid at Dan's sisters' wedding - a gorgeous Pink affair! Admittedly I didn't jump at the colour choice (pink and Gingery hair don't really go!) but I was quite surprised - seems baby pink isn't too bad after all! We were wearing Ivory and pale pink dresses, and the Bride was in a stunning 'Princes style' baby pink dress, with delicate pearl details. So, I've chosen today's theme to go along with that - here's a nice selection of pink goodies!

Needles and buttons Applique Originals
Hand over your fairy cake Sue2
Laura's Jewellery Lupin Handmade


  1. I'm loving that brooch - sooo pretty!

  2. Lovely to find your blog - my husband bought me a black and gold rose from your etsy shop and I love it so much, I get lots of lovely comments on it - nice to see the person behind the work. x


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