Tuesday 31 August 2010

Some Amazing Northern Talent

So, the fair in Manchester on Saturday was a mixed bag. It was a surprisingly quiet day, when lots of us had expected it to be packed, which was disappointing. However, on the up side I did meet lots of lovely new faces and some old ones too (or finally putting faces to well-known Folksy names!) - including Lyndsey of Purple Shmurple and Dave of Waldo fame from No Such Disco! We had a good chat whilst scoffing some rather yummy cupcakes made by Kelly, the stall holder next to me (we somehow managed to hold out 'til the afternoon!), and it meant I could go on a wander around the other floors too which is quite nice for once instead of being stuck to a stall!

On my wanders I found some stunning work, and took a few pics to put on here and show you lovely peeps.

Hazel Reilly creates hand whittled twig and branch sculptures - I love the little twig men with their miniature accessories!

If you look closely the papers are actual papers, with the Metro and Evening Standard in there!

I was also drawn to the amazing papercutting skills of Kate Bufton. She transforms old books into art work, and has created some amazing shapes in the process.

Lastly, these beautiful Lilies caught my attention. They're actually Jewellery although they look very realistic, and also as if they could be Wedding cake pieces. Lisa, the creator behind LWSilver, said that she's had children asking if they can eat them!

So all in all it was a fun day out and a great chance to meet new people and spread the word about Folksy too. Just a pity the sales didn't really reflect that, especially as it was the first Fair I've done in Manchester. It hasn't put me off though - I'm already on the hunt for my next Manchester Art Fair!

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