Wednesday 15 September 2010

Cards Galore

Another busy week - I've been working on my Christmas range (some sneeky pics to appear soon, I promise!) and also had some nice flurries of custom order coming through so thought I'd share some piccies of my favourites you. I'm thinking of listing some of the brand new ones I've made if they're popular - let me know what you think :)

First, some of my favourite Birthday requests - the first is a lovely idea of a Birthday card for a Shop's First Birthday!

A very sweet one from a kid to his footy-mad Daddy -

A special card for a little chap who was born this week -

I had a very special order for a BIG A4 card for a 50th Wedding Anniversary - it was great fun doing everything super-sized! Here's the final result, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Here's a few of the Wedding and other Anniversary cards I've been making - including one with some sweet little Wedding Bells on.

And finally, my favourite cards of the week - this special 'Cheer me up' card, which I hope would make anyone smile!


  1. Wow, those cards are amazing!! I love the butterfly one, but the anniversary card is fantastic, well done!

  2. Ooh, I love that cheer me up card :)

  3. Those are all so cute!

    I love the anniversary one and the Cheer me up, those are the cutests!

  4. Haha I love the cheer me up card!

    Sarah x


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